Recycle Your MG

Recycling your MG3 or MG6

MG know you will have had 10’s of thousands of fun filled miles in your MG3 or MG6 but sadly sometimes all good things come to an end and you will want to ensure your pride and joy is handled in a safe and environmentally friendly way, recycling as many parts and components as possible. So when your MG does come to the end of its life it will be accepted free of charge when delivered to a take back station*.

MG’s take back stations are a national network run by and their treatment facilities are licensed by the environment agency and provide a service meeting the End of Life Directive and its regulations.

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Information on the End of Life Vehicles Directive

Introduced in 2007, the End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (2000/53/EC) requires manufacturers to meet all or a significant part of the cost of processing End-of-Life vehicles with nil or negative market value for all vehicles of their brand(s). Manufacturers and their contracted partners must also reach strict recycling targets – 95% of vehicle weight as in 2015.

Visit or call 0845 257 3233

*Certain terms and conditions apply:
- The vehicle is a passenger vehicle with a maximum of nine seats and weighs 3.5 tonnes or less
- It is complete, i.e. contains the essential components, including engine, transmission, coachwork, wheels and catalytic converter (where fitted)
- It is free from additional waste (e.g. garden/household waste, additional tyres)