Service Plan FAQs

Please see below for our most frequently asked questions


  • What are the benefits of a Service Plan?

    • Convenience of fixed, small, manageable monthly payments
    • Inflation proof servicing for the duration of the plan - pay for tomorrow’s maintenance at today’s prices
    • Removes large bills - The cost of the package eliminates maintenance budgeting worries
    • The work is always performed by certified technicians
    • Follows manufacturers servicing schedule 
    • Timely service reminders can be sent via e-mail or text to handheld devices*
    • Only factory-authorised parts and fluids are used
    • No cancellation, or plan transfer, fees.

  • How do I take out a Service Plan?

    Just speak to a member of staff at any participating MG Motor UK dealership. 

    Alternatively call us on 0845 413 5360 or email us,, and we will be happy to prepare a personal quotation for you.

  • My service is due in a few months; can I take out a Service Plan?

    Yes, to ensure there is enough money in the Service Plan to cover the first service the payments before that service will be higher than the future payments.

    Alternatively you can pay a deposit on the Service Plan to ensure the payments are lower.

  • How do I pay for a Service Plan?

    Either by monthly Direct Debit or by paying in full at the time of Service Plan confirmation.

  • When will my Direct Debit be collected?

    Your Direct Debit will be collected on, or around, 1st of each month.

  • I have a Service Plan; how do I know when my services are due?

    Your Service Plan Contract shows you when your services are due. You can also speak with your MG Motor UK Dealership and they will be able to advise you of this.

  • Where can I take my MG to be serviced?

    You can take your vehicle to any participating MG Motor UK Service Plan Dealership.

  • How do I arrange a service?

    By booking directly with your MG Motor UK Dealership, advising that you have an MG Motor UK Service Plan. On the day of the service present your Loyalty Card; which you will receive through the post once your Service Plan is confirmed.

  • How often does my MG need servicing?

    The MG Motor UK Service Plan is designed to cover our recommended servicing schedules. It is 10,000 miles or 1 year, whichever comes first.

  • What if my annual mileage increases?

    If your annual mileage increases you can either speak with your local MG Motor UK Dealership or call our Service Plan administrator, eDynamix, who will amend this for you. It will mean that your next scheduled service will be earlier than shown in your Service Plan Contract. Your Service Plan monthly payment will either be recalculated or a top-up payment taken to cover the increase in money due for the next service, due to the mileage increase.

  • What happens if you are unable to collect a Direct Debit payment?

    If our system administrators, eDynamix, are unable to collect one payment from your nominated bank account they will attempt to collect 2 payments at the next scheduled collection date; if this isn’t possible the Service Plan will be automatically cancelled by eDynamix. eDynamix will email (if an email address has been provided) to advise that the collection has been unsuccessful, and plan cancelled after 2 failed collections.

  • What if I sell my MG?

    If you sell your MG you can either transfer the remaining balance, if any, to a new Service Plan or cancel the Service Plan and receive a refund, if money is available on your Service Plan.

  • Could I cancel my MG Motor UK Service Plan?

    Yes, you can. You can do so by contacting your local Dealership or by contacting our Service Plan administrator, eDynamix.

  • Do I pay a cancellation fee?

    No, there are no cancellation fees.

  • Who do I contact about my Service Plan?

    You can either speak with your local Dealership or contact our Service Plan administrators, eDynamix, on the contact details below:
    0845 413 5360