Our job at MG Motor is to take this great brand, full of history and heritage and give it a worthy future.

We take this responsibility very seriously and as we continue to find new ways to innovate and bring our brand and our cars to new markets and new customers, our guiding principles will never be far from those that underpinned the very first MGs back in the 1920s & 30s.

Today, as in the past, MG offers customers something a little different. With an emphasis on unmistakably British qualities, MG offers a unique combination of Stylish and Sporty vehicles that ensure driver and passengers alike look forward to each and every journey just as much as they do to reaching their destination.

We've been putting the fun into driving for almost 90 years and the MG6 shows that we've lost none of that ability to produce cars where performance and price make you smile in equal measure.

Enjoy the journey to work? You'd better believe it!