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MG Braking & Driving Assistance

MG Braking & Driving Assistance

When we look at purchasing a new car, the technology available can often make a significant impact on our decision. In recent years, the automotive industry has developed a number of new driver assist technologies such as high beam assist, traffic jam assist and speed limit assist. These additions to your vehicle are not only a nice perk, but also reduce distractions and aim to make the roads safer for all.

Whilst assistance technology is helpful, it can be confusing if your previous vehicle did not have the same tools. In this article, we take you through these new features step-by-step, so you can make the most out of your new vehicle as soon as you get behind the wheel!

High Beam Assist

High Beam Assist, as featured on All New MG HS, recognises oncoming traffic at night and adjusts your headlights accordingly, switching between high beam and dipped lights automatically without you having to use your in-car controls. This can help reduce distraction whilst driving and support safer driving.

How Does High Beam Assist Work?

High Beam Assist usually works by sensor, which is typically located on the rear-view mirror. The sensor will detect headlights and rear lights of other vehicles ahead. If the road is clear, then high beam headlights will be activated so that the driver has an optimal view at all times. The headlights will also automatically dip when another vehicle comes into view, being controlled in such a way that the light beam ends in front of the other vehicles. If the vehicle ahead is no longer present, or the leading vehicle is a safe distance away, the headlight setting will switch back to high beam.

Traffic Jam Assist

Traffic Jam Assist, as featured on MG ZS EV, uses existing functions such as cruise control and lane-departure warnings to allow easy, controlled driving in heavy traffic. Your car will follow the vehicle in front and will automatically adjust its speed to make driving in traffic more comfortable for you. If the car in front swerves to avoid an obstacle, your car will mimic the same swerve path. Altogether, the traffic jam assistance system commandeers the engine, steering and brakes to a certain degree. Traffic Jam Assist continuously analyses the speed of surrounding vehicles and compares it with its own driving speed to ensure safety and accuracy at all times.

Speed Limit Assist

Across the UK and even the world, failure to effectively adjust speed is the cause of the majority of road traffic accidents. The MG speed limit assist system, as featured on MG ZS EV, can remind drivers of the current speed limit of the road, and in doing so, helps them to drive more safely. The speed limit appears as an icon on the instrument cluster and remains visible until the speed of the vehicle is amended or the speed limit changes.

How Does Speed Limit Assist Work?

Due to continued technological advances, Speed Limit Assist is able to work in real-time, analysing the outside world within a fraction of a second.

Usually, speed limit assist works by using a windscreen camera, usually inserted into the rear-view mirror. A computer will scan the camera image for the road signs, and intelligently filter out any that do not feature a speed restriction. The appropriate symbol is then sent to the display screen of the vehicle, meaning that the driver is always aware of the current speed limit and can adjust their acceleration accordingly.

Our Advice

Whilst these driver assist technologies are incredibly intelligent and useful, it is important to note that they are not intended to replace human reactions. High Beam Assist, Traffic Jam Assist and Speed Limit Assist have all been created to improve your driving experience and these tools should not replace your concentration when in control of a vehicle.

Want more information on the driver assist technology featured in our vehicles? Take a look at our full list of articles to find even more useful information about in-car technology and our range.

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