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What is Hill Start Assist?

What is Hill Start Assist?

For some drivers, a hill start is seen as a daunting but often unavoidable manoeuvre on UK roads. Whether you are a new driver or a bit more experienced, hill start assist is a driver technology that makes it easier and safer for us to perform hill starts, by preventing the vehicle from rolling back on an incline.

What is Hill Start Assist?

Hill Start Assist is a driver assistance technology that comes into action when a vehicle is stopped on a hill and has to drive off again. Hill Start Assist control can prevent rolling backwards on a hill by holding the brakes for a few seconds whilst you manoeuvre between the brake pedal and the accelerator. Some versions can also prevent your car from rolling forwards on a decline. Hill Start Assist is available on all MG models, with Hill Descent Control also available on All New MG HS.

How does Hill Start Assist work?

Hill Start Assist control works by using sensors to detect when a vehicle is on an incline. The system will maintain the brake pressure for a set period of time (usually a few seconds) as you switch from the brake to the accelerator. Once you press the accelerator, this will release the brake, allowing you to continue up the hill. It is worth noting that Hill Start Assist does not improve your traction, it just prevents you from rolling backwards.

To use Hill Start Assist, continue to approach hills as usual. When you reach the point where you have to stop, hold the brake as you normally would. As you move your foot off the brake to begin driving, the car will remain stopped instead of rolling back slightly.

Benefits of Hill Start Assist?

The main benefit of Hill Start Assist is that it makes driving in certain situations and conditions easier, and can promote safer driving too. There are many opportunities for damage or harm if your car begins to roll backwards on an incline, so Hill Start Assist is invaluable.

Hill Start Assist doesn’t just benefit the driver of the vehicle, but also those in the traffic behind it. For that reason, Hill Start Assist is becoming an increasingly common standard feature on modern cars.

Another benefit of Hill Start Assist control is that it can help to prevent wear and tear to other parts of the vehicle, such as the handbrake. This is because Hill Start Assist removes the need to use these parts excessively. There is also less wear on the clutch in manual transmission vehicles as you don't have to ride the clutch when starting out on a hill. By using Hill Start Assist, you are also putting less strain on the engine and drive train, which would otherwise be working to counteract the backward motion of the car in order to bring it up to speed.

To find out more about the driver assistance technologies on MG cars, check out the behind the wheel blog.

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