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Recall Checker

We continually check vehicles throughout their lifecycle, and beyond, for safety and integrity.  Should a safety issue arise, then once we notify the DVSA, we then write to all owners of any affected vehicles to invite them to an MG Dealer, for a free of charge repair or replacement of any necessary parts. 

MG rangeHowever, sometimes when vehicles change owners, new owners are not aware of outstanding recalls.  Also, as registration numbers can change through a vehicle's life, we issue a recall via the cars chassis number or Vehicle Identification Number (or VIN) - this is a unique number on each vehicle.  A chassis number or VIN, will be 17 digits long, and will begin 'SDP' or 'LSJ'.

You can find the chassis number or VIN in a number of locations:

  • On your V5C Registration Document
  • On a plate, located on the bottom section of the windscreen 
  • Stamped into the body of the car - usually on the top of the suspension mount, back of the engine bay, or in the drivers footwell
  • On a black sticker usually found on the underside of an opening body panel (bonnet, tailgate, door)


To check if your vehicle has an outstanding recall, enter your VIN below.  If one is outstanding, then your contact your local MG Dealer, who will happily assist in completing the recall at the earliest convenience.