Recycle Your MG

Recycling your MG

When your MG eventually reaches the end of its life and becomes an ‘End of Life Vehicle’ (‘ELV’), as responsible vehicle manufacturers we have a duty to make sure you have easy access to a recycling facility (‘free take back centre’), where it can be safely and effectively depolluted and recycled at no cost to you, in line with the End of Life Vehicle Regulations. 

The End of Life Vehicle Regulations were designed to reduce the impact that scrap cars have on the environment, and were introduced in two stages:

  1. 1)     The first set of regulations came into effect in 2003 and require ELVs to be depolluted before destruction. This involves the removal of fluids, tyres, battery and hazardous materials, before any of the remaining parts or materials can be reused or recycled. Depollution can only be carried out at an ‘Authorised Treatment Facility’ (ATF) holding the appropriate environmental permit. The 2003 regulations also require ATFs to issue a last owner with a Certificate of Destruction, as proof of deregistration of the ELV.

  2. 2)     The second set of regulations came into effect in 2005, and require that producers (i.e. vehicle manufacturers and professional importers) establish national networks of ATFs to provide free take back of their ‘own marque’ ELVs. For the vehicles dealt with by these networks until 2015, producers had to achieve an 85% reuse, recycling and recovery target by weight of each vehicle, as did ATFs not forming part of a producer’s network. From 2015 onwards, that target has risen to 95%, meaning only 5% of each ELV processed ends up in landfill.

MG Motor UK Limited have selected - who operate the largest network of ATFs in the UK – as their official partner to ensure that all last owners of MG vehicles have a trouble free and efficient route to a free take back service. All MG ELVs scrapped through will be correctly and safely processed and treated to the 95% target, and all last owners of ELVs which are processed in this way promptly issued with a Certificate of Destruction in line with ELV Regulations.

Contact details:

To access the CarTakeBack/MG Motor free take back service, please click here:  or call 0330 066 95 85 to speak to their Customer Services team who are on hand to help and advise you.