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During the lifespan of a vehicle model, various changes can be made to interior trim, exterior cosmetics or system functions to ensure that it features cutting edge technology and remains attractive to potential buyers.  MG ZS EV models manufactured after mid-June 2020, will have a newly developed 2nd generation of Comfort System Operation installed on the car.  This is now available for customers who wish to benefit from these later updates on earlier build models.

Whilst all the below features involve software changes to key components on your vehicle, the updated software is not available to cars with 1st Generation software as ‘warranty upgrade’.  MG’s warranty is there to cover the cost of repair or replacement of a failed part due to a manufacturing defect, and not for updates/upgrades, and will therefore be chargeable.  Please speak to your MG dealer to find out associated charges for this update.

This new 2nd generation of Comfort System Operation includes changes to:

  • Faster system self-check when powering ‘ON’
  • Infotainment volume maintains and restarts at previous volume setting after powering ON/OFF
  • Auto High Beam system disable option available in menu settings
  • General warning chime quality improvements and reduced volume
  • Warning chimes reduced for MG Pilot and Key Reminder
  • Vehicle temperature and temperature alarm featured in the instrument display
  • Vehicle range always on display in instrument pack
  • Vehicle can be unlocked during A/C charging, when re-locked charging automatically resumes


NOTE: Changing the vehicle’s software may affect the current operating strategy that is personalised by the owner and is irreversible once applied.  MG cannot be held responsible for any actions or failures caused by operations of this nature when not covered by warranty.