Blue/Green Warning Lights

Blue and green warning lights are for information only.

Low Engine Coolant Temperature


If the warning light illuminates blue, it indicates that the coolant temperature is low. If the warning light illuminates red, it indicates that the coolant temperature is high.
When the temperature continues to rise, the warning light will flash accompanied by an audible warning.
If the signal is missing, the warning light is flashed in blue.
If the engine is too hot, severe damage could result; stop the vehicle as soon as safety permits and seek qualified assistance at the earliest opportunity.

Main Beam

Illuminates when the headlights are switched to main beam.

Cruise control

The light illuminates green when the master switch is pressed but no cruise speed is active and yellow when cruise control is active.
For MG6. The message centre will display Cruise Set ### MPH (### represents the speed set) or Cruise Control: Standby as appropriate. If a fault is detected, the warning light will flash yellow and the message Cruise Control: Fault will be displayed.
For MG3. When cruise control is set, the target speed is shown in the LCD, The target speed remains displayed until the actual speed achieves this, at which point the LCD reverts to its previous display.

Front Fog Lights


Illuminates when the front fog guard lights are switched on.

Side Lamps


Illuminates when the side or headlights are switched on.

 Direction Indicators



The left and right direction indicators are represented by directional arrows located at the top of the instrument display. The warning lights flash synchronised with the exterior left or right direction indicator lights
whenever they are operating.
If the hazard warning lights are operated, both warning lights will flash together.
If either warning light flashes very rapidly, this means that one of the front or rear direction indicator lights is not operating.
Note: Failure of a side repeater light will have no effect
on the warning light flash frequency.

Start/Stop Active Indication

This warning light is used to indicate to the driver that the engine is being controlled by Stop/Start system. It is used to emphasise the indication to the driver, when the Stop/Start system is active.
For 15 Model Year, light flashes 3 times if Stop/Start inhibited. Stop/Start currently unavailable appears in message centre.