Anti-Perforation Warranty

  • MG Warrants the metal body panels of your new MG car against perforation due to corrosion, which is the direct result of defects in material or manufacturing process.

    Perforation is defined as corrosion or rusting through of a body panel on the vehicle from the inner surface, to the outer surface (resulting in a hole).

    A 7 years anti-perforation warranty applies to the MG ZS from the date of registration.

    The MG GS, MG3 and MG6 all carry a 6 years anti-perforation warranty from the date of registration.

    For the warranty period to remain valid it is required that you have your vehicle inspected every 12 months for the duration of the anti-perforation warranty by an MG Dealer and documented. The dealer may charge for this service.

    In the unlikely event your car is effected by perforation as described above, then an MG Authorised Dealer/Repairer will replace or repair the effected panel free of charge.

    In some instances, your MG will not be covered these include, but are not limited to;

    Perforation due to corrosion as a result of; an accident, damage, modification, abuse, industrial fallout, or carrying corrosive or damaging materials, or external influences.

    Perforation due to corrosion caused by the use of non-genuine MG parts, or parts not approved by MG, including used parts.

    Perforation due to corrosion resulting from a lack of maintenance, as described in the owner’s manual, misuse or abuse.

    An incomplete annual inspection record.